Umi Kids Shoes

UMI Shoes is an USA company and America’s most trusted brand. Umi makes only child, children’s shoes, so they know exactly what parents want for their children. Umi shoes, bootees and boots are made with the highest standards and designed for comfort. For baby, babies who can not walking UMI make orthopedic bootee and shoes easy to put on and take off. Their unique Velcro closure makes these shoes stay on and fit well. Besides baby and toddle cute bootee, orthopedic shoe designs have a higher cut for great ankle support when walking. When it comes to kids UMI both kid boy and kid girl; the shoes have to be durable, functional and cool. UMI make kids shoes and orthopedic boots with the highest standards and designed for comfort with extremely soft leather, suede, nubuck using bright, attractive and favorite colors. Umi orthopedic shoes are flexible and will hold up to toddler and kids’ play. UMI handcraft every shoe for the perfect fit for your little ones. The fact of Umi shoes is that babies, children both kid girl and kid boy put on UMI shoes not only because of orthopedic comfort but because of their colorful, fanciful and playful design. Lastly: You can find various styles of UMI shoes. For baby: toddle Umi bootees. For kid boys: Umi soccer shoes, beach shoes, sandals, runners, boots, sneakers, comfy walking shoes and leather school loafers. For kid girls: Umi girly-leisure shoes, boots, slippers, runners, sandals.

Velvet Velcro closure black for Umi baby toddle unisex both boys and girls Umi bootee shoe with red and white pattern flowers

Umi Toddle

Soft Velcro closure dark brown for baby Umi toddle unisex both boys and girls Umi bootee shoe with light brown design

Umi Kids Shoes

Safety Bright Red handcfart Umi shoe boot for kid girl Umi girl

Umi For Children

Children’s Umi From the left sport black footwear for Umi kid boy and tender pink Umi shoe for kid girl They are Umi children

Umi Boot

Umi girl is smiling because she is imagining being a superstar Purple Umi kid girl boot causes her to dream it because of reddish and livid star pattern

Kids Shoes

Pretty and beautiful cool cream Umi sandal shoe for Umi girl Kid girl Umi shoe nubuck or suede

Kid Girl Umi

Orthopedic floral a very bright shade of pink shocking pink Umi shoe for pretty Umi girl sweet kid girl Umi

Kids Boot

Colorful bright pink kid girl Umi shoe boot Floral orthopedic children boot Umi kids kid girl boot Umi boot Kids fall winter boots

Kids Sandal

Kids summer shoe holiday sandal sandaled Unisex orthopedic Purple Umi beach shoe sandal for kid boy and girl Umi candy jelly sandals shoes for children for vacation

Umi kid girl

Kid shoe Umi children sandal Kid girl shoe shoe kids orthopedic shoe Umi kid girl sandal Colorful kids shoe Umi in colors oily red and pink


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