STEPEVI is a brand into the carpet making industry. STEPEVI was born as a parent company Step in1919 in Istanbul Turkey. STEPEVI Company had not changed for centuries.STEPEVI exports to a further 35 countries world-wide. STEPEVI’s rugs and carpets are weaved with very finest materials because of the experience of dedicated workmen and workwoman whose skills have been learnt over generations in Turkey. STEPEVI carpet and rug design brings style and tidiness within the houses’, offices’, hotels’, residences’, suites’, boutique hotels’, yachts’ and office buildings’ atmosphere. STEPEVI carpet and rug collection offers great flexibility and color variations. STEPEVI’s rugs and carpets allow various carpet and rug designs such as stylish, modern, class, luxury and oriental. STEPEVI rug and carpet collection is of exquisite and luxurious textures and contemporary color palettes. STEPEVI’s carpet design and the combination of technique, color and material create a rare sense of sensuality and comfort. We can use STEPEVI carpets and rugs in our living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, kitchens. Thus, we have collected some decorative, classic, modern and wall to wall STEPEVI carpet model photos in different styles for you.

Modern rug Turkish carpet STEPEVI carpet by simple eastern and Oriental rug patterned bicolor dichromatic black and white colors Stylish Stepevi rug model

STEPEVI carpet

STEPEVI’s design and the combination of technique Black fitted rug wall to wall carpet from STEPEVI collection smoky and red scratched for residences hotels suites boutique hotels yachts and office buildings

Corner Stepevi

Modern European style corner STEPEVI Bright green stepevi corner Carpet stepevi rug decorative carpet STEPEVI


Stylish European style modern elite fine trademark brand marque trendy white STEPEVI rug carpet wilton with blue pattern for living rooms

Bedroom carpet STEPEVI

A very bright shade of pink shocking pink Stepevi carpet STEPEVI rug for bedroom design and decoration Luxury soft footed carpet STEPEVI production for newlyweds glory box hope chest wedding chest


STEPEVI Istanbul Stamboul carpets Constantinople rugs oily carpet by Stepevi carpet-making industry Step Company for studios offices or home offices

Modern Carpets

Exclusive oriental Turkish rug design by Stepevi Deep brown texture fawn colored carpets by STEPEVI company

Luxury Rugs

Luxurious brand elite class brown carpet by STEPEVI Rug in various tones of brown modern European style for living areas interior design by Stepevi

Stylish carpets

Modern artistic aesthetic hand-tufted Stepevi rugs Carpet sense of aesthetics and class from STEPEVI carpet catalog and rug collection


STEPEVI is an international brand with showrooms in Istanbul Beirut France Milan Vienna Salzburg Dubai New York Johannesburg London


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