Shower Room

This is by far the most popular room in the home and stylish bathroom design ideas to make it a place to relax and take refuge on the stress of life. You plan to stay at home for years or looking for ways to enchance the room to make it more stylish and attractive. Technology is usually the first people doing association with the word “modern.” And if you want your bathroom to be technologically advanced, you should interest in the shower room. Shower rooms and cabinets focus on computer chipped appliances and computers. Today appliances use computers to adjust the temperature, timers, expiration of bath time, and even alerts by ventilating and air-conditioning systems. Modern interior or exterior shower room, shower cabin or shower cabinet may very well include with: Top shower, Roof lamp, Ventilation fan, FM radio, shelf, Computer control, Feet massage, Sharp massage, Hot and cold water faucet, Switch, Flexible handle shower, Soap dish, Pillow, Towel rail, Star background lamp, Roof lamp. It’s certainly more fun to bath listening to music. Whether it’s for a few touches, or a whole new shower room, you can create a modern bathroom successfully as long as you express your individual style and place that makes you happy. Thus, we have collected some decoration photos for your sweet bathroom, office and garden. Please take a quick look at the bathroom design ideas and the most functional shower room, shower cabin decoration items we have compiled for you. We also suggest you to check the indoor and outdoor shower rooms.

Glass wall shower room or cabinet: closed shower room or cabinet aluminum frame with top shower, top light

suite shower room

This is a contemporary and modern shower cabin for offices, home offices, studios, suites: modern, red shower room with ventilation fan, flexible handle shower

shower room

apartment shower room: With whirl pool, massage for back and legs, FM radio, “tropical rain”, hand shower, ventilation and steam.

tropical shower room

house sauna or steam room: standard shower cabin, three in one shower room, dry sauna heat, a hot steaming bath, hydro massage, tropical rain shower. Single cabin, with unique modern details like the wood control panel, framed by illuminated glass icons.

Steam Shower cabin

Luxury shower room: frame-less cabin, silicon-free safety glass, inside white acrylic, seats and shelving are made from water-resistant Robinia wood. Plumbing fixtures: shiny chrome. Modern showers, chromatherapy, the aromatherapy, built-in sound, touch-display, remote control.. It can be easily converted into a steam shower by folding out the two seats to form a bench and turning on the steam generator.

glass shower cabin

Luxury, modern, bathroom design for houses, residences and hotel rooms: soft lighting,made of glass wall shower room, top light glass shower cabin, Luxurious top shower

shower room design

Outdoor, exterior, garden shower room, cabinet: transparent glass wall Shower cabin for houses, summerhouses and holiday village gardens. Both with various types of flexible handle showers, and top shower by Computer control

luxury shower room

Artistic,romantic shower room design:roof lamp,star background lamp,hot and cold water faucet,steam,bubble

modern shower room

Modern bathroom design: bathroom shower with 12 sprays that surrounds your body, a spray that can give a soft touch for your body and gives freshness you can get when you take a bath. Sharp massage, Hot and cold water faucet, top shower, switch, top light, FM radio

Rain Showers

Latest trend faucet, showers: Private Wellness line, multi-functional rain showers. Hydro massage system, fixed or changing chromatherapy lights, square shower heads, water falls, spray selections, rainfall



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