Plant pot

The vegetation and the plants are parts of our interior and exterior design of our living areas. Plant pots, flower pots, planters, pot stands and pot holders’ very decorative items when we are decorating indoor and outdoor of our houses, offices and gardens. The flower pots are practical and well designed materials that organize our personal and business lives. Planters are almost in every sphere of our daily lives. We have them in our house entrances, living rooms, balconies, terraces, dining areas, kitchens an even in our bathrooms. Thus, we have collected some decorative plant pot, flower pot, planter models for you who you can make a combination with ceramic plant pot, flower framers, wooden flower pot, handmade flower pot, hanging planters, plaster plant pot, natural plant pot, organic plant pot with pot stands and holders or decorative vases adding alluring effect to the ambience of your sweet home, office and garden. Pots tell you what Plants!

three ceramic plants pot each with a different decorative design and finished with distressed crackle glaze. Elegant flower pot in house entrance

balcony flower framers

Anyone who does flower gardening, herb gardening or vegetable gardening on their balcony will appreciate the additional planting space provided by window boxes or flower boxes

Indoor plant pot

Indoor plant pots: attractive looks, futuristic and luxurious. The combination of wooden pottery and ceramic flower pots is ideal for fresh flowers. You can put those indoor plant pots as a beautiful collection for your home interior design.

Wooden Flower Pot

Wooden flower pot stand for exterior, outdoor garden design

plaster plant pot

Facade at home: Balcony plant pot, loggia flower pot, outdoor plasters plant pot, terrace planters and vases with flowers

handmade flower pot

Turquoise Ikebana flower glazed pot or vase, Handmade, Ikebana is the Japanese art of flower arrangement

hanging plant pot

If your dining room isn’t lacking for light, why not replace a chandelier with a hanging plant? Please use a plant stand, or hanging pot rack that can be augmented with hanging pots.

outdoor plant pots

Garden décor and design: Exterior, outdoor lighting planters and pots, green lightening

Natural flower pot

Turkish handmade hanging flower pot: decorative gourd hanging planter, Turkish natural flower pot

earth plant pot


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