Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is a classic. It brings style and tidiness within the houses’ and offices’ atmosphere. It allows various designs of fitting and it can also accommodate additional elements such figures, borders and edging of a different type of wood. We can install parquet floors in our living rooms, bedrooms, dining areas, kitchens an even in our staircases by ourselves. Thus, we have collected some decorative, classic, modern and antique wooden flooring in different styles for you. The first step of planning your parquet floors will be choosing the design and respectively the size of the blocks you will require. The popular choice is oak parquet flooring. If we go for a fitting without a specific design, choosing herringbone for the pattern, we may not strictly go for bordering the floors. We can let them go from wall to wall, which is of course personal choice. Your personal choice can be cherry or mosaic laminated parquet. Some other patterns, however definitely go better with a border around, which is again choice for you to. The border can also accommodate a darker, walnut strip , which can be obtain from most hardwood floors and add some more character to you rooms.

Modern, oak parquet, laminate floor, dining room design, with floor lampshade

Cherry Parquet Flooring

Cherry, parquet, organic, floorline, wooden, dining room, design, dining set with glass vase and lampshade

Bamboo Floor

Strand, bamboo, flooring, Laminated Parquet Flooring, Laminant, with decorative carpet and mural painting

Organic Flooring

Organic, natural walnut timber floor with Berjer armchair and piano


Herringbone Parquet, doweled flooring for staircases with wooden stair

Office Flooring

Raised solid parquet from tropical with glass table


Orient parked design, bordered by colored motives and floor waxed, oriental living room design

Mosaic Parquet

Parquet Art with solid lamparquet products and antique commode

Antique Flooring

Grand Parquet in Versailles with antique wooden roof decoration

Wooden Flooring

Organic, natural hardwood, wooden flooring sample



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