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DSN SHOE and BAG COMPANY is a brand into the shoe and bag importing seller and trade maker. DSN DESAN was born in1983 in Istanbul Turkey. DSN Company had not changed for years. DSN is a bag and handbag company who imports bags which designed by the handbag designers world-wide. Wholesale trader DSN DESAN bags and handbags are put on the market Inci, Ayakkabı Dünyası, Adela, Yeşil, Bambi, Greyder, Tabuu, Cabani, Cantaş, Gel-Al Tekstil and KT. DSN handbags and bags are designed with very finest materials by famous designer and stylists. DSN bag and handbag design helps you to look fashionable, chic, stylish, trendy, top and feminine. DSN handbag and bag collection offers models and color variations. DSN bags & handbags in fashion allow various handbag and bag designs such as stylish, modern, class, luxury European and oriental. DSN bag design and the combination of technique, color and material create a rare sense of sensuality and comfort. Thus, we have collected some DSN DESAN bag and handbag model photos in different styles for you. Please take a look at the following top 2011 2012 bag and handbag trends and fashion style.

Women’s handbag DSN fashion trends for 2011 Stylish modern leather light brown earth colored DSN handbag top zip bag buckle bag

Leopard Handbag

Leopard shoulder bag besides handbag feminine in fashion 2011 for women trendy leopard design luxury elegant Shoulder bag and handbag by DSN company shoes & bags

Color Handbags

Top handbag bag yellow patterned colorful tote bag from Turkey DSN shoes & bags Company’s handbag fashion week in DSN showroom

Modern Handbag

2011 women in fashion trendy bicolor branded bag DSN brand Turkey Class handbag in pale colors light brown and cream

Cocktail Bags

Platinum blonde argent silver grey silver evening night l bag trend in fashion 2011 cocktail bag styles with DSN trademark which is a big bag company

Bags and Handbags

2011 handbag and bag fashion style collection in the showroom of DSN shoe & bag company in front a modern stylish luxury bag in bright red color clour

Duffel Bag

DSN olive duffel handbag Shiny skin Bag Top zip handbag in fashion trends style 2011 with brown strap by bag manufacturer DSN Turkey

Evening Bag

Luxurious platinum silver evening bag for ceremonies Modern stylish small cocktail bag night pocketbook bag by designer DSN shoes & bag Company

Bag Trends 2011

Cream beige shoulder bag besides handbag with lace pattern Modern in fashion top zip bag with brown strap Miss Young girl chic and women

DSN Bags

DSN Shoe and Bag Company DESAN bag Modern stylish trendy feminine DSN handbag for young girls, chic and women



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