Glass Coffee Table

Living rooms are the main areas in our houses where we entertain our guests. Therefore, decorative and practical glass coffee tables and glass tea tables are the most useful furniture with which we can create a chatting corner to have hearth-to-heart talks with our close friends, deep conversations with our relatives or lively discussions with our colleagues. We have chosen some living room and office glass furniture for you prepared a decorative collection of safety glass; wooden, natural and organic spruce tree, walnut, silver-leaf and gold-leaf glass coffee tables and glass tea tables, some of are antique, some are post modern and contemporary and some are very classical and handmade. We hope you like them.

Round modern double pure glass table with books, eau de cologne and glass on it

Table Models

Smoke-colored,smoky square twin glass table with tombstone ceramic vase and wine glass

Glass Coffee Tables

Classic cool luminous corner glass coffee table with porcelain accessories and silver vase

Office Tables Glass

Stainless Steel design & dark glass table. Zee glass coffee table with decorative green bottle

Glass Tea Table Models

Stylish rectangular glass coffee table and two small circle items with chrome legs supported by marble

Antique Glass Coffee Tables

Antique glass tea or coffee table set with silver-leaf and gold-leaf

Table Design

Glass fire placed low coffee table for chalets or country houses with black-nickel

Classic Glass Tables

Classic style Walnut glass coffee or tea table set with antique accessories

Wooden Coffee Table

Coffee table with glass tabletop, traditional style handmade and handicraft, natural burnished spruce tree


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