Duvet Covers

When buying a bed duvet cover, there are many factors to consider. The first thing most people consider is color and style. Most consumers base their decision on what duvet cover will match their bed or the decor in their bedroom. However, there are more factors to consider when buying a duvet cover for your or your children’s bed. Most importantly, over color and style, is comfort. What is your sheet, bed linen, bedclothes, bedding quilt cover, bedcover, duvet cover or duvet cover set made of? What fabrics will feel good on your or your kids, teenage, teen, junior, girl boy and comers skin while you or they sleep? What thread count is best? The superiority of duvet cover set is frequently expressed by thread count. Higher thread count means that duvet bed cover and sheet is soft. Duvet covers come in a range of fabrics. There’s Percale, Cotton, Polyester, Satin, Sateen, Silk, and Flannel to name a few. Each fabric offers a different feel in regards to what you think feels the best on your skin. Percale refers to a cotton material with a thread count of over 100. A percale bed duvet cover is made from a strong crisp fabric. Satin is a soft shiny fabric that is dull on the reverse side of the fabric. Satin is typically woven with nylon or polyester. Sateen is much like satin, but is shiny on both sides of the fabric. Sateen fabric has a soft, luxurious feel to it. Silk duvet covers can be woven with pure silk or silk with other fabrics woven into it. Silk is the ultimate fabric for a soft, smooth, silky feeling. However, pure silk duvet covers are very costly. Flannel duvet covers are usually made from cotton, and have a soft, comfy feel to them.

Floral colorful flower patterned bicolour bicolor fitted double violet duvet cover set with rectangular pillows

Baby duvet cover

Full modern luxury baby fitted sheet linen bedding cover duvet cover set with baby room design

kids duvet covers

Unisex cool children kids boys girls sleep set sheet linen bedding cover duvet covers duvet sets with cute colorful prints patterns

Double duvet cover

Velvet cotton pastel colored simple modest plain quite cool double duvet cover wit white fitted linen and several cushions

leopard duvet cover set

Fabric polyester 3D leopard pattern navy blue dark blue ultramarine blue indigo blue sheet bedding and sleep set or double duvet cover set with 3D leopard cushions

Single duvet cover

Single luxury soft duvet cover set bed cover sophisticated design in ivory colour thread count cotton, textured with a delicate trellis jacquard weave and finished with a plain oxford edge and flat piping inlay

Satin duvet cover

Luxurious stylish shiny cool satin sheet bed linen bed cover bedding quilt cover duvet cover set for your personal style with rectangular satin cushions for hope or wedding chests of bride to be

Silk duvet cover

Floral embroideries pintuck patchwork silk oriental decorative bicolor ivory eggplant purple sheet bed cover duvet cover set for personal style and bride to be

Duvet covers for teenage

Children teenage teen junior boy bright opalescent in green red blue yellow oily bedding cover duvet cover with mutant ninja turtles

Teen duvet cover

Floral natural organic cotton modern sheet bedding cover duvet cover set for teen children girls in white pale pink brown pink orange flower patterned


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