Dining Table

Your home, office, hotel, restaurant, cafeteria or refectory is an expression of who you are. This is why you take your time in choosing all of the decorations as well as all of the furniture. Dining rooms are the main areas in our houses where we eat our meals with our guests. Therefore, decorative and practical glass dining table sets and wood tables are the most useful furniture with which we can create a chatting corner to have hearth-to-heart talks with our close friends, deep conversations with our relatives or lively discussions with our colleagues. We have chosen some dining room table sets and office furniture for you prepared a decorative collection of safety glass, wooden, natural and organic spruce tree, walnut, gold-plated glass dining tables and high class private dining tables, some of are antique, some are post modern and contemporary and some are very classical and handmade. We hope you like them.


Country Style Table

Country, style, Furniture, Cottage, Buttermilk and Oak Finish Round Dining

Refectory Table

Steel, structure, completely covered with leather and white lacquered top available in different colors.

Teak dining table

Teak, table, outdoor patio entertaining, which offers the perfect support for glassware and dinnerware

Walnut Dining Table

Stylish, rectangular, walnut, dining table, with walnut, frame, and dining room, design

Luxury Dining Room

Opacmare, an interior and exterior decorator for private homes, yacht, restaurants and luxury hotels, the Tiger Table: exquisite and majestic

Modern Dining Table

Modern, Italian, Leather, table, with aluminum frame, and mdf table top available with various finishes. It may be fix or extendible

Hand Made Table Set

Hand made chairs, as well as tables, which have opulence touch, glorious for high-class restaurant, cafeteria or lounge.

Antique Dining Room

Versace, dining table set, 24 K gold, plated, luxury, Italian style, antique, glass dining table

Wooden Table Set

Luxury, wood, wooden, dinner, set, for-kids-room


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