Today, decorative pillows are used in many styles of interior design. How can you make cushions, the subject of an expensive decoration? Thinking about the elements of decor for your home, please rightly call attention to the decorative cushions. Interior designers support you, using the decorative pillows to create interiors. Decorative cushions and pillows here – a symbol of beauty, aesthetic and comfort. Please take a look at the basics decorating pillows and bolsters to make your house, and all of the rooms original and unique. Classical rules for decorative pillows on the sofas and chairs is – a minimum three, maximum six. In addition, if you choose cushions of the same size, the whole game goes through various options of drawing and texture of fabric. Also for decorating the effect it is important that cushions are not just scattered and arranged (collected) in the ensemble in accordance with the idea. If the size of pillows is different, then you can do the same cloth covers, but original decorative cushions to place. If you still can not make a choice, what decorative cushions do, just look around on the sides – the color of your interior? If it suits you, make pillows in the same tone, if you want more peace – darker, and if more energy and light – lighter and brighter.

Colorful-modern-style-square-cushions-Polycotton-Polyester,with floral

Handmade Cushions

This pure, wool, cushion is handmade, and hand embroidered, appliquéd with butterflies, in tones of pale pink, fuchsia and turquoise

Luxury Cushions

Luxury Set of three decorative handmade Silk & Cotton Sequin Elephant Cushion and Covers for sofas

Bedroom Pillow Design

Bright, vibrant and pastel colors beautifully designed in these luxury bed linen and giant, square, rectangle cushions besides bolster and pad

Appliqué Pillow

This classic appliqué handmade rectangle yellow pad is for living rooms

Lovebirds Cushion

This cotton and linen feather pillow figured love birds on cream base is hand painted one as present or gift

Sofa Cushions

Trendy decorative, bright, floral, iconic sofa pillows for balcony, home, summerhouse

Antique Pillow

Antique decorative satin cushion with deco layers and thrown on beige chair by window

Gobelin Cushion

Curious cat woven cotton portrait on Canvas embroidery or gobelin handmade and needlepoint on etamine

Patchwork Bolsters

Luxury silk patchwork handmade oriental bolster with cushion collars


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