Chocolate Love

Chocolate love! In fact, don’t have to say anything. Chocolate means love! In that gallery, we mentioned about that amazing stuff. Chocolate’s history, effects.  And then, you should view awesome photos.

Chocolate has an interesting history.The history of chocolate begins in Mesoamerica. Originally prepared only as a drink,like hot chocolate, chocolate was served as a bitter, frothy liquid, mixed with spices, wine or corn puree. It was believed to have aphrodisiac powers and to give the drinker strength too much. After its arrival in Spain, sugar was added to it and it became popular through Europe. Now it is indispensible  parts of our lives. We usually eat it. Chocolate history has had its dark side. Slave-like conditions and child labor still produce much of the world’s chocolate. 

Anyway, chocolate love is every places in our lives and most of people especially women love it too much. Let’s show the most beautiful views.



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