Can Parents Choose Gender of Their Child?


Can we choose sex of our child? Many of the parents care about the answer of this question, can we choose sex of our child? Is that a claim or reality? In this post, you will find everything you need to know.

There are two ansvers to this question. If you mean medically, answer is YES! If you go to a test tube baby center and it is not prohibited in the country, technically able to choose gender of your child. Select the gender is prohibited in some countries. For example,

Referred to in the question is the methods they apply to their own mother and father while the answer is NO. Applied before pregnancy in some ways and techniques to determine the sex of the baby from ancient history to the present day has always been a subject of interest. Parents have a 50/50 chance of conceiving a son or a doughter through plain old-fashioned intercourse. In this sense, a medicine to influence the sex of the baby without assistance or to increase the probability of a male or female is not possible. Average parents can do to influence the sex of the baby, there is nothing more. Because of women to become pregnant sex position in relation to the baby’s gender affects, a lot of things there are countless stories, but none of that has not been proven.

Please note that some methods tried and want to get the gender that is purely coincidence. Already a total of two unlikely that girl or a boy as he tried to process what are the chances of holding fifty percent likely. Already impossible to ever hold. Therefore, these kinds of stories should not be relied on. Genetic method called PGD, there is no method that can determine the sex of the infant, consists of all a waste of time.

Researchers in the timing of sexual intercourse to ovulation (men having sex several days before ovulation, ovulation days closer to the merger will bring baby girl) saw did not work. Rarely, though, couples sometimes a certain genetic trait to their babies (according to gender, but usually boys) live with the pain of knowing that they will transfer. This is due to the special conditions in order to have girls and high-tech applications that require high costs may apply to:

Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. Used in conjunction with IVF to fertilize this technique, embryos before they are placed in the woman’s uterus, and certain genetic characteristics are subjected to tests for sex determination.

Sperm extraction. Fertilization, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization sperm extraction techniques that require a variety of doll and carrying a genetic disease can be used to reduce the possibility of determining sex.

These techniques, although applicable methods, sex, personal preferences to determine when it is only rarely employed.

In this post, we aim to destroy some old-fashioned stories and we want to explain scientific facts about choosing the gender of child. Hope that was helpful and descriptive to you. We wish a healthy day.


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